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Welcome to Broude & Hochberg’s secure payment portal. Use this tool to pay your bill online using your credit or debit card. We accept Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express.


If you receive email bills from Broude & Hochberg, the easiest way to pay your bill online is to click on the link provided in the email you received containing your bill.


Otherwise, please follow the link below:


Broude & Hochberg processes credit card payments via Clio Payments powered by LawPay. LawPay is a third-party vendor that specializes in providing credit card processing services for law firms. As such, LawPay works hard to make sure that your information is protected. LawPay’s online portal is certified as a Level 1 Service Provider, this being the highest security level available.


Broude & Hochberg does not see and cannot access your credit card information, nor does Broude & Hochberg store your credit card information on any of our computers or in our offices. Please contact our office if you have questions regarding online credit card payments.

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